Props for Sale

The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps has props for sale that were designed exclusively by Field and Floor FX, built by Jeff Hurr, and utilized by The Cavaliers in our 2016 production, Propaganda.

Eleven (11) props are available for immediate pickup after DCI World Class Finals on August 13, 2016. Each moveable unit features a steel frame construction and wood base that facilitates the application of multimedia and fabric to transform the prop into what best brings your production to life. Along with high-quality wheels and weight proportions, these props are safe, sturdy, and easy to manipulate for performers.

Contact Chris Lugo at if you are interested in learning more.


$8,000 = All 11 props, including four (4) rectangle props, three (3) square props, and four (4) triangle props

$850 = One (1) 4’x8’ Rectangle Prop

$850 = One (1) 4’x4’ Square Prop

$700 = One (1) 4’x4’ Triangle Prop


4’ x 8’ Rectangle Prop (4 available)
4’ x 4’ Square Prop (3 available)
4’ x 4’ Triangle Prop (4 available)


With The Cavaliers’ 2016 props, you will be able to paint and/or cover each side in a way that best highlights, compliments, and amplifies your production, both aesthetically and functionally. The Cavaliers recommend working closely with Field and Floor FX to customize your prop designs with high-quality printed elements, including panels and fabrics.

Built-in clips and applied Velcro allowed The Cavaliers to utilize panels on each side of the props to establish a unique thematic look that could evolve over time.

The Cavaliers’ Operations team would be able to give you and your program advice as to transportation, construction, and maintenance.

Contact Chris Lugo at if you are interested in learning more.